Tummy Snuggler

Tummy Snuggler

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Tummy Snuggler - Maternity Support Cushion

Adjustable pregnancy pillow in luxurious Australian made memory foam.
Cushions and comforts your tummy right through pregnancy, while also providing wonderful back support to keep you in the medically recommended side position during rest and sleep.

Maintains comfortable side position recommended for the health of mother & baby.
No need for multiple pillows! 
Suits all body sizes and shapes.
Place your own pillow cases over each bumper if so desired.
Removable sleeve inners for easy cleaning of cover.
The perfect maternity Body Pillow.
Memory foam specially treated to inhibit allergens.
Quality soft-feel stretch cotton cover adjusts to all body shapes.
Stops restless tossing and turning.
For rest or sleep - both the abdomen and back are cushioned and supported.
Correct spinal alignment to ease backache.
Elevates extremities to reduce swelling
Shape and position can be adjusted as pregnancy progresses.
Flexible design suits all body sizes and shapes.
Quality 100% cotton stretch cover adjusts to body movement and physiques.

Great Pregnancy Gift.